Grand Theft Auto V’s Mt. Chiliad Mystery Still Hasn’t Been Solved [UPDATE]

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Grand Theft Auto V came out two-and-a-half years ago. There’s still no real answer for the bizarre Mt. Chiliad Mystery that some players are obsessed with. But folks are still finding new clues hidden around Los Santos.


Shortly after its release, a subset of fans who reached 100% completion in GTA V started trying to figure out what the murals on Mt. Chiliad mean. As the hunt went on, players teased out ways to interact with the game’s UFOs and pondered the significance of the locale’s peyote animal transformations in relation to Los Santos’ other oddball elements. The conspiracy theorizing gained steam after the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game came out with changes to parts of the environment, but there’s yet to be a real eureka moment.

The hunt for answers continues, though, and a recent video by YouTuber WhizL offers a bit of fresh intel as to how one of the mural’s drawings can be found in the open world.

In the video above, WhizL hovers above a location that appears to be a marker resembling one of the X drawings on the Chiliad mural. It’s only visible during a certain time of day, though, which is also the case for other related visual anomalies.

Update, 3-12-16, 5:38 PM: In his video , WhizL notes that the X find is a result of Whispy Woodz’ work. I didn’t find the original video when I checked Whispy’s channel but am adding it here.

By itself, this discovery doesn’t amount to much. But it’s the methodology of the clue-finding that’s most tantalizing: now that some causality has been sussed out as to how to spot things, that logic is a tool that secret hunters can use to scour the world anew. Who knows if there’s really a jetpack or major league secret hiding in GTA V? Even if there isn’t, the search for one continues to be its own reward.

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