Want a new Resident Evil 6 trailer? You got it.

Want a new, earlier RE6 release date? You got that too. (October 2!)

Want a new Lost Planet? Well, you're getting it anyway.

Today's the day an avalanche of news, trailers and screenshots hit the web, including here at Kotaku. And this avalanche started rumbling early with leaks out of Europe.

We're rounding it all up right here.

Resident Evil 6


New trailer and a new release date. | Eyes-on Impressions of the game in action (Zombies wielding guns!)

Lost Planet 3


New Lost Planet 3 trailer. (Back to the snow!) | Can the game overcome the rep of the people making it?



New trailer for the new Devil May Cry. (Dante looks very different.) | Plus: Plenty of new screenshots.

Street Fighter X Tekken (for Vita


Three new trailers, plus news of cross-platform unlocking DLC.

Dragon's Dogma (The game with the RE6 demo)


Two new gameplay trailers.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD


New screenshots of the hi-def ports.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor


New footage of the game's four-player online co-op.