Lost Planet 3 Debut Trailer Leaks Online

A leaked trailer shows that Capcom is readying a new entry in its Lost Planet series. The Lost Planet 3 trailer shows a frozen tundra, reminiscent of the the earlier game's settings.


The CGI heavy trailer, however, shows more snow, more bugs, and more giant mechas—and more giant mechas fighting giant bugs.

The game is headed to the PS3 and Xbox 360. According to the trailer, Lost Planet 3 is being developed by Spark Unlimited, the studio behind shooters Legendary and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.


More details are expected shortly.

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Oh thanks, Capcom. If they HAVE to outsource their games to Western studios - which they really DON'T - why can't they just STOP PICKING HORRIBLE STUDIOS TO OUTSOURCE TO? Is it that hard to just find a GOOD developer to partner with?

They already ruined Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, now they're dragging Lost Planet through the shitty Western developer ghetto too? For fuck's sake, this is just getting depressing to watch. I don't think I've ever seen a publisher fall from grace harder and faster than this.