New Devil May Cry Trailer Shows the Revamped Dante in Action, Calls Him a Terrorist

A trailer for Capcom's latest installment of the Devil May Cry series has leaked online. It shows off Dante's controversial new look, as well as an old man in a suit ranting about terrorists. Despite the new look, the game doesn't seem to be a departure from anything that made the older Devil May Cry games great - shooting and slashing the hell out of demons.


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Yeah, because this is what DMC really needs, thinly veiled Fox News parodies and political commentary. Did these idiots even PLAY Devil May Cry?

Seriously, you know what? If this game WASN'T called Devil May Cry I might even be cautiously optimistic about it. But the fact that it's just so absolutely NOT DMC in any possible way makes my stomach churn every time I look at it. Dante looks wrong, the combat looks wrong, the frame rate is irreparably broken, the weapons are completely uninspired (seriously, have they shown anything but their shitty dime-store version of Rebellion yet?), the animations look wrong, the story is completely wrong...

Just call it something else and EVERYONE will be happy, rather than gleefully pissing off the series' devoted fans and only attracting a few people who never liked the original games in return? DMC4 sold 4.5 million copies. I can't see this game selling more than 2 million. Such a waste of a good franchise.