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The Steam Summer Sale is without a doubt the year's most well-known series of discounts on games, but at Kotaku we know you want gaming deals every day. Brought to you by the Commerce Team, the Kotaku Moneysaver posts every day at 2:15pm ET*, bringing you the best, most complete, and easiest to consume coverage around on video games and related products. We cover all the retailers, all the services, and all the accessories. Check it out.


*We're currently posting at 5pm ET during the Steam Summer sale.

Here's the current regular Moneysaver.

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Obviously vote for Kentucky Route Zero, though it's basically going to be impossible for it to win because you can't tell what the game is from the thumbnail image.


Everything else is a repeat.

Vote for Recettear because it's new.

Transformers and Mortal Kombat are both new to the sale and good prices.

Community Sale Chivalry ($6.24) | Good price.

NEW Flash Sale Sword of the Stars: The Pit ($2.50) | Medium reviews, on sale fairly often, good price.


NEWFlash Sale Zeno Clash II ($10) | Not exactly well-reviewed, but certainly unique. One of the first sales I've seen on this.

NEWFlash Sale Deadpool ($26.79) | I'd wait for the bargain bin.

NEWFlash Sale Strike Suit Zero ($3)

NEWLead Deal Prison Architect ($19.79) | Another one of the most anticipated deals in the sale, go for it.


• Asssassin's Creed III ($24) | Been cheaper many times, including during this sale.

• Saints Row The Third ($5) | Buy the Full Package version.

• CS:GO ($5) | Go for it unless you want the Valve Complete Pack.

NEW • StarForge ($10) | Early Access Game. Not too familiar with it.

NEW • Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed ($7.50) | Been bundled for cheaper, but go for it.


NEW • Omerta: City of Gangsters ($10) | Pretty big following in spite of terrible reviews. I'd wait for cheaper.

• Natural Selection II ($6.24) | Price is good if you're interested.

• KOTOR II ($3.39) | Been bundled for cheaper, but go for it.

NEW • Worms Revolution ($3.74) | 10 Worms games since 2005, not counting spin-offs, with two more coming out this year...


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