The biggest sale of the year is here, but is it the best?

Join us as we wade through the laundry list of discounts to surface your best bets, and condemn bad deals in the process. We will continue to update, so check back often.

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Current set of voting is the worst so far. GTAIV and Portal have both been cheaper as part of bundles, and Mirror's Edge was 20% less and included DLC not given here on Amazon for 2+ weeks.


The current voting run is a toss up. You are better off buying the Mass Effect Triology than just 2, and better off buying Saint's Row's Full Package version, and KOTOR 2 has been cheaper as part of bundles.

Vote for Dishonored as the next community deal, the other two options are bad deals.

Note: The Amazon promo code GOONCAVE mentioned several times here is one-time use.


• $24 Bioshock Infinite Deal has expired, get it on Amazon instead for $26 with code GOONCAVE, currently $30 and the featured item on the Steam sale

• Walking Dead is on Amazon for $8.50 using code GOONCAVE, currently $12.50 on the Steam sale.


• Tomb Raider is $15 on Amazon after using code GOONCAVE, currently $25 on the Steam sale.


Community Sale Saints Row The Third ($5) | Full package version is now $7.50, obviously buy that instead.

Community Sale Borderlands 2 ($10) | This has been around ~$15 WITH the Season Pass included, so I would put a wait on it.

Flash Sale Little Inferno ($2.50) | It's been cheaper as part of bundles, but I still recommend it at this price.


Flash Sale Civ V ($7.50) | Not liking this pricing. Wait for a bundle with other games or DLC.

Flash Sale Duke Nukem 3D ($3.40) | Definite wait.

Flash Sale Football Manager 2013 ($10) | Can't speak to the quality, price seems good enough.


Flash Sale Dark Souls ($7.50) | This was the best deal in the Amazon Mayhem sale and it's among the best deals today. Buy.

Flash Sale Bastion ($2) | This game is on sale constantly, but this is still an easy recommendation.

Flash Sale Cities XL Platinum ($7.50) | I know nothing about this game, and it has no Metacritic score, seems to be a good price on it though.


Flash Sale Euro Truck Simulator 2 ($10) | Again, I got nothin'. Metacritic of 79, price seems good.

Flash Sale Dragon Age Origins Ultimate ($9) | Buy it

Flash Sale GRID 2 ($30) | Pass

Flash Sale Counter-Strike GO ($5) | Buy

Flash Sale Skyrim Legendary ($36) | Buy

Updated Price Saints Row The Third: The Full Package ($7.50) | Now an easy recommendation.


• The Swapper ($11) | Great game, go for it

• Antichamber ($7) | Insta-buy

• Cart Life ($2) | Insta-buy

• Super Hexagon ($1) | Do it

• Thomas Was Alone ($2.50) | Buy

• Hotline Miami ($2.50) | Buy it

• To the Moon ($3) | Buy

• Don't Starve ($9) | Definite buy

• FTL ($5) | Has been $2.50 a lot but is easily worth $5

• VVVVVV ($2.50) | I think this been cheaper a decent number of times, but a good buy at this price


• Bionic Commando: Rearmed ($2.50) | Buy

• The Cave ($4) | Buy

• The Basement Collection ($1) | Buy

• Time Gentlemen, Please + Been There, Dan That (50 cents) | Buy, obviously

• DLC Quest ($1) | Buy

• McPixel ($1) | Buy it, it's a dollar

• Defiance ($14) | Good deal, not a great game, wait

• The Last Remnant ($4) | Buy

• Call of Juarez: Gunslinger ($10) | Buy it

• Left 4 Dead 2 ($5) | Obviously a great game, but this has been bundled many times for cheaper


• Mars: War Logs ($13) | I don't know what this is but it's got a 59/100 on Metacritic

• Toki Tori 2+ ($10) | Get the first game in the Humble Weekly Sale, see if you like it

• Scribblenauts Unlimited is $4.25 on Amazon with code GOONCAVE, currently $5 on the Steam sale.


• Endless Space: Emperor Edition ($10) | Commenters say buy

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