Give yourselves a big hand and take a victory lap. Our determined grassroots campaign - that, or Paramount seeing some no-brainer DLC to hype Transformers 2 - succeeded in getting "The Touch" on Guitar Hero.

Never mind this dickclown who had the regions of his brain responsible for smiling and irony lobotomized. The point is we've managed to take something that made you rock out at age 10 and then cringe from age 13 to age 34, and make it rock again. And give an aging guitar jock a swell payday. Sure it's free DLC, but I can't imagine Stan Bush walks away with nothing.

After that, could we possibly have any more highlights in our week of original reporting? Oh, indubitabubitabubitably. Here they are:

Features and Op-Eds
Apple's Portable Game
Growing Up Games: When Will Mature, Mature?
Columbine Author on Winnenden Shooting
Zombie!!! Games of the Living Dead


Kotaku Podcast: Guerrilla Games Kills in Killzone 2

Reviews and Hands-On
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review: Huang In A Million
Resistance: Retribution Review: More Action Than Shooter
Empire: Total War Review: A Whiff Of Grapeshot
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC Review: Lost In Space
Frankenreview: Ready 2 Rumble Revolution
Nintendo DSi Hands-On: Our Favorite Little Things


News and Rumor
Wii Fit Officially Topples Halo 3 in Sales
2D Fighter BlazBlue Gets Release Date
Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) Ships Over Half A Million
Wizard World Comic Con Becomes Superfriends With Gaming Show
Devil May Cry: 10 Million Shipped
PC Sales Charts: The Imperial March
Best Buy's Zombie Invasion Thrills Attendees, Corporate
Target Confirms New PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Bundle
Playstation Portable Getting Mammoth Comic Support
Xbox 360 Exclusive Ninja Gaiden II Coming To PS3
Dragon Quest IX Pre-Order Start (Again)
Club Nintendo Members Get Early Look At Nintendo DSi
Wii MotionPlus Missing From Nintendo's European Spring Schedule
Final Fantasy XI Getting Three More Expansion Scenarios


Third Prize is You're Fired
THQ Cuts Down Big Huge Games, Lets Go Two More

Reader Outreach
Nintendo's Big GDC News
We Have a Pair of Playstation Air Force 1s, Want Em?


We Did It!
Stan Bush Thanks Kotaku Readers For Their Support