Wii Fit Officially Topples Halo 3 in Sales

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Yesterday's news that Wii Fit continued to ride high on the U.S. video game sales chart last month told only half the story.


I just confirmed with the NPD Group that the fitness title's lifetime sales has topped Halo 3's. As of the end of February Wii Fit has sold 6 million copies in the U.S. while Xbox 360 goliath has moved 5.9 million copies in its life time.

Keep in mind that the $90 Wii Fit launched in the U.S. on May 21 of last year, while Halo 3 hit the Xbox 360 on Sept. 25 of 2007.


With 6 million balance boards out there and a legion of Wii owners, there's got to be an incoming wave of games developed for the new peripheral.

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If there were any clue that Microsoft and Sony need to team up to fight Nintendo, it should be this one.

Sadly, they spend all of their time and millions of dollars squabbling like spoiled children on the playground.