It wasn't much fun reporting quarterly numbers that showed nearly every major name in games having a terrible time. Fortunately, Batman, Scribblenauts and A Boy and His Blob arrived to put a smile on everyone's face.

The week that was in Kotaku's original reporting:

2009 San Diego Comic-Con Round Up

Summer of Gaming
Libraries Got Game

Notebook Dump: The Limits Of Ninja Turtle Knowledge, An iPhone Adventure, And More
Jackson Explains How Fate Killed Halo And Gave Birth To District 9
Video Games Inescapable At Comic-Con


Previews, Reviews, Hands-On and Impressions
Splosion Man Micro-Review: An Exploding Barrel Of Monkeys
Cursed Mountain Preview: Save Me, Science, Save Me
A Boy And His Blob Preview: You Will Fail
Scribblenauts Live Word-Test Preview: Just Say The Words [Concluded]
Batman: Arkham Asylum's Subtle Evolution Adds Depth
Madballs in...Babo:Invasion Micro-Review: Drives You Mad, Busts Your Balls
EyePet Impressions: There Is No Pet Actually On The Table, Folks
Frankenreview: Wii Sports Resort
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review: Almost Half-Good
Hard To Resist Flinging The PSPgo, For A Good Reason
Streets of Rage Micro Review: Ragin' Hard
Borderlands Preview: It Shoots Rockets!
Gears of War 2: Dark Corners Micro-Review: Putting the Stealth in Curb Stomps
Wii Sports Resort Review: More Motion in the Ocean
Cursed Mountain First Look: Religion Is Scary
Little King's Story Review: So Creative, So Hostile


Coming Soon
The Great Nintendo Release Schedule, July 2009 Edition
Dark Void Delay Leaves Void In Fall Gaming Lineup
To Be The Joker On The PlayStation 3
Assassin's Creed II More Vicious, Less Predictable Than Predecessor
Watchmen Artist Working On New Beneath A Steel Sky
The Complete Guitar Hero 5 Trackist
Uncharted 2 Update: Beta Lessons And Welcome Omissions
Is There Really A Twilight MMO?
PS3's EyePet Hits This Holiday, We Take It For a Virtual Walk
These Songs Will Be In Rapstar [Update]
How To Get To Hoth, If You Already Finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Goal: To Make A Game That Does Hip-Hop Right
Hidden Square Enix Countdown Clock Art
Oh Yeah, Resident Evil 4 iPhone Now Available
Trophy Support For Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Will Precede Tatooine
Nintendo Breaks Its Silence About Silence
The King of Fighters XII Getting Online Patch
Ubisoft Plans to Have Piracy Solution in Place This Year
Punch-Out Devs Talk Graphics, Difficulty, Nixed Princess Peach Idea


Let's Find Out How Many People Actually Use The PlayStation Network
New Life Sales For Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports
Capcom Quietly Reveals Bionic Commando Sales Data
But, How Did Capcom Do? Pretty Good.
Capcom Shipped A Million Copies Of Monster Hunter 3
U.S. DSi Launch Sales Slower Than DS Lite
Nintendo Reveals Lifetime Wii, DSi Sales Figures
How Did Nintendo Software Do? (Total Sales Are Down)
How Did Nintendo Hardware Do? (Total Sales Are Down)
Nintendo Sales Down 40 Percent
PS3, PS2, PSP Software Sales Down
Sony Game Business Sales Down 18 Percent
PS3, PSP Sales Down, PS2 Sales Up (?!)