Notebook Dump: The Limits Of Ninja Turtle Knowledge, An iPhone Adventure, And More

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There comes a time in the week to reflect on what got into my reporter's notebook but didn't turn into Kotaku blog posts. Shall we?


Games I Didn't Touch: I saw the fall line-ups for a trio of publishers in New York this past week. Majesco, Sony and Ubisoft were showing more than 30 games between them. Maybe even 50. I didn't count. There were a lot. I'm still in the process of getting at least 10 posts out of them. When you go to these events, you size them up and decide what you think you can afford to skip. At Sony, for example, I skipped the new Buzz games in the interest of time. And I skipped Brutal Legend on PlayStation 3, because the demo covered the same content from the Xbox 360 presentation I received of the game a couple of weeks ago. At Ubi I skipped their DS games, including Cop: The Recruit. Just didn't have the time or the expectation that it'd be worth it. I always worry that I guess wrong, but I have to guess nonetheless.

Games I Can't Preview: There were even games that I did play at the aforementioned events that I won't be previewing. Sometimes, I just don't think I get enough info on them or have sufficient expertise in them to write an informative post. All I could say about the new Ubisoft Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, for example, is that it can be mistaken for a Smash Bros. clone (some of its creators worked on that last Nintendo brawler), that the Ubi rep showing me the game said its combat is more complex than Smash and that both the Ubi rep and ex-Newsweek reporter N'Gai Croal beat me in the game. At the Sony event I had a good time fighting as God of War's Kratos against a computer-controlled Kratos on the new PSP version of Soul Calibur, but, again, I don't have much more to write about it. The game, which is called Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, had the best graphics I've seen on the PSP, but it also only had to render two characters on the machine's screen. These observations do not a post make. There are other games I tried that I won't be covering, but some of them don't even make this Notebook Dump. (There are also games I played that I'm saving my coverage of until next week. I'll let you be surprised as to which those are.)


Late To The iPhone: The other thing I didn't address in my posts this week — because I didn't know how to write something fresh about it — was the beginning of my experimentation with iPhone gaming. Last Saturday, on a train from New York to Philadelphia to go see this (yes, that), I decided I'd try a bunch of iPhone games. I loaded my phone with a selection of games that I based primarily on the suggestions of reporter-friend's Patrick Klepek and John Davison as well as from Davison's superb list of top iPhone games. (Looks like he just did another!) I feel like it'd be old hat to ask for suggestions or to run through everything I tried in a standalone post. But if you're interested, I sampled: Drop 7 (fun), Fieldrunners (too easy), Flight Control (fun but blocked by my fingers), Galcon (fun, but I prefer similar PC game Dyson — try it!), geoDefense Lite (didn't grab me), Trixel (good, but not my thing), Crystal Defenders Vanguard Storm (surprisingly cool), and Zenonia (ruined by its need for a virtual d-pad). Still need to try a bunch of others. I was excited to try what I understood to be the best games of an existing platform. I haven't had the opportunity to be late to a platform since I got a PS2 in early 2002. How this will affect what I cover, I cannot say.

And that's enough notebook-dumping for the week. Next week should be fun. But right now the weekend beckons. As does the Final Fantasy WiiWare tower defense game, My Life As A Darklord, that I was supposed to review for today. I'm late. Don't tell anyone!

(I snapped the photo for this post in the elevator of the building where Sony was having their NYC event.)

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Sir-Lucius does anything for Dethklok

This is actually a pretty cool feature that I'd like to see become a weekly occurrence and I hope more of the Kotakitors (Kotaku Editors) adopt. It's hard to believe that there's even more news than the obscene amounts you already bring us.