Kotaku Originals: Esto es un Robo

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Manos arriba, who loves robots? We sure did this week. Other highlights included the return (of sorts) of Atari, and Hideo Kojima giving us all lessons in redacting sensitive documents.

Also, because a game about fuckin' WALKING was too exciting, Nintendo had to make it include DOG WALKING, and Crecente put his pissed-off chihuahua up to test driving that. Here's the rest of the week in Kotaku originals.


E3 2009
E3 2009 Preview: These Are The Big Shooters, We Reckon
E3 2009 Preview: These are the Big Racing Games, We Think
E3: The Great Walk-Off
Activision Reveals Its E3 2009 Lineup
Come to Kotaku's E3 Party This Sunday
Kotaku's E3 2009 Predictions


Kojima XXXing with Everyone, Again
Kojima Updates Site Yet Again With Familiar Face, Hidden Mystery Mask
Can You Decipher Kojima's Famitsu Interview?
First Big Boss, And Then Raiden (With Censored Kojima Interview)
Kojima Productions Updates Site With... Big Boss?
PlayStation Famitsu Magazine Offers Few Kojima Production Hints


The Metamorphosis of Atari
Infogrames Is Now Atari
How Did Infogrames Atari Do Last Year?
Cryptic Studios To Rehash Old Atari IP In "A Series Of New Games"
Phil Harrison No Longer President Of Atari


Reviews, Previews and Impressions
Batman Coming Together Beautifully
Lord of The Rings Comes To Wii, With Dashes Of Mario, Link
Red Dead Redemption Eyes-On Impressions
Terminator Salvation Review: I Hate Robots
Army of Two: The 40th Day Preview: Total Fistbump Destruction
Bionic Commando Review: Grabbing Hands Grab All They Can
Dead Space: Extraction Preview: Can't Stop Shaking
Rock Band Unplugged Review: It's The Frequency, Kenneth
inFamous Review: It's Electric


News, Lots of It
Tiger Woods PC and Mac Will No Longer Come On A Disc
Shadow Complex: Orson Scott Card's Empire Meets Super Metroid
Atlus Announces Trauma Team For Wii
Valve: Team Fortress 2 Random-Item Issues Improved Last Night
No More Heroes 2 Brings Double The Beam Katana Action
Unknown Worlds Triumphantly Teases Natural Selection 2
Avatar, New Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed To Get DLC
Ubisoft CEO Predicts New Apple Gaming Hardware
Ubisoft Believes In Price Drops And Fitness Games
InFamous Guide to Empire City
We Get It, Terminator Salvation Movie Is Just Like A Video Game
Return Of The Aggressively Competitive Gaming Ad
Walk, Don't Run (Or Sidle), With Nintendo's Personal Trainer: Walking
The Price Of Gas In inFamous
British Sales Charts: Nintendo Gets Caught In The Octagon
John Carmack Stole Computers (And Gaming Needs More People Like Him)
Evangelion Title Coming To PS3 (Does It Involve The Father of PlayStation?! Yes.)
Now Square Enix Will Milk Eidos Properties To Death, Too!
How Square Enix Sees Its Future Sales
It Is Now OK To Wear White Pants
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete in 15 Minutes
Yanks Gate Crashing Canada's 1 vs. 100 Beta


The Untold Story Of The Xbox 360 AvatarsThe Chiptunes Band That Just Might Break Through


The Greatest Depression
Rumor: Mass Layoffs Hit Bionic Commando Developer GRIN


Betting and Winning
Win Stan Bush Swag If You've Got The Touch
The E3 2009 Kotaku Fantasy Betting Pool
Man Vs. Dog: Personal Trainer: Walking Grudge Match

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Wouldn't it be este es? I thought you only used "esto" when you didn't know if the noun was masculine or feminine, like when you ask "que es esto".