Tiger Woods PC and Mac Will No Longer Come On A Disc

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will bring golf to PC and Mac web browsers when it launches this fall, but it will also replace the disc-based versions of the game.


The game will be entirely streamed to computers and require an internet connection to play. A price has not yet been announced, but Electronic Arts is "looking at" a subscription model and a slimmed down free-to-play version.

The game will launch with six courses and a full roster of PGA tournaments, and developers plan to update content for the game on a consistent basis.

During a presentation earlier this month at Electronic Art's Los Angeles studios, the developers showed off a version of the game that looked comparable to a typical current generation video game. The developers said they were shooting for a game that looked like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

The online version, which replaces the PC and Mac version, won't have some things like a Club tuner, but it will have the ability to build a player's skills and stats over time and will include achievements. The developers said that community would be key to the game.

The game will be treated like a service, the said, with tournaments every week and new features every couple of months. The developers are also looking into adding support for peripherals like headsets and gamepads.

The team didn't address whether the game will include the rumored micro-transactions.


Electronic Arts plans to launch a beta for the game sometime in June.



Exactly why would someone subscribe to a browser-based golf game by EA when they could just buy a disc-based golf game from EA?

They'll both have online tournaments, and the disc-based product will almost certainly be a deeper version of the sport... what's the upside to pay for the browser service?

Isn't EA pretty much just undercutting the sales of another item here?