Win Stan Bush Swag If You've Got The Touch

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Activision passed us some Stan Bush swag in celebration of "The Touch" being available as free downloadable content for Guitar Hero World Tour. If you know your Transformers the Movie trivia, it could be yours.


Here's how this is going to work. We have two XL Stan Bush t-shirts and five signed copies of Stan's CD In This Life, which of course contains "The Touch". In order to win, you'll have to answer a series of five questions involving the original 1986 Transformers animated movie which the song first appeared in. The first three folks who deliver all five correct answers to KotakuContest[AT]gmail[DOT] com will be taking home a signed CD, while the first two who go the extra mile and provide the answer I am looking for to question five get a shirt as well.

And now, the questions!

1. In what year does Transformers the Movie take place?
2. In the original movie script, how was Ultra Magnus destroyed on the planet Junkion?
3. What is the Universal greeting?
4. Oooo, someone said a bad word. Who was it, and what was the word? No, dammit doesn't count.
5. Who killed Optimus Prime? There are two acceptable answers to this question, one more acceptable than the other.


Please note that the contest is only open to Kotaku readers in North America. Anyone giving away answers in the comments section will be banned and possibly set on fire.

UPDATE: All winners have been notified! Check your emails to see if you are getting a little somethin' somethin'.

For the record, the answers were:

1. 2005, or four years ago.
2. In the original script, as well as in the comic book adaptation, the Sweeps wrapped energy ropes around his arms and legs and torn him apart. In the movie, they cut that part, simply blasting him to pieces. We accepted torn limb from limb, but not simply "killed by".
3. Bah Weep Grahna Weep Ninny Bong, or some spelling of that.
4. Spike, not Bumblebee, shouted "Oh shit!" While early VHS versions of the movie cut this scene out, later added it back, with the 25th Anniversary edition actually having a chapter named after the line.
5. Megatron may have killed him damage-wise, but everybody knows that little jerkoff Hot Rod was the only reason Megs got the upper hand.

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Paradox me

Pretty sure I lost. I don't use my email very often and it took forever to receive all those unread messages before it sent my entry. :(

Anywho, good luck fast typists!