Kotaku Originals: Early Builds R Us

So we had a little drama regarding the fate of Ghostbusters and other titles at Activision, and lo and behold an early build landed in his mail to prove that all things Gozer and Zuul are still going forward. They didn't even mind if Brian wrote about the preview code, and he did in a spoiler-filled post. We also had a big bodyimage discussion week, as Tuesday saw Soulcalibur IV's boobalicious release, and Fat Princess continues to stir shit, with its title alone. In all, pretty newsy week around these here parts. Some highlights below, with the full list of original reporting on the jump.


Ghostbuster The Video Game Very Much Alive, Sitting on My Desk
SoulCalibur IV Review: Polishing The Stage Of History
Forget Wii Fit, It's Mario Kart That's Buttering Nintendo's Bread
Art Apocalypse: Blizzard's Wilson Talks Diablo III Design Decisions
Battlefield Heroes Not Coming This Summer
A Weighty Debate: Discussing Fat Princess
Why Penny Arcade Took so Long to Go PSN and May Never Go Wii Ware

Blizzard's Next Game Could Be More Successful Than WoW
Game Club Beyond Good & Evil: The Final Discussion
What Jet Grind Radio For Wii Might Have Looked Like
Bwah? There's An Xbox 360 Shortage In Japan?!
Next Doom May Not Be a True Sequel
Rage and id's Love/Hate Relationship with the PS3
id Considering Wolfenstein RPG, Doom 2 RPG for iPhone
Does PC Gaming Need a Savior?


Gigantique Sacks and Lovin' On Squirrels: All About WoW Achievements
Blizzard: Execution Over Innovation
What Activision Can And Can't Change About Blizzard
One WoW Expansion Per Year? Not Necessarily
THQ Sales Up (Losses, Too!)
Okami On Wii Didn't Do So Well
E3 2008 Predictions: How'd We Do?
Best of Categories, Which Ones Should We Keep, Lose?
Capcom: Poor Economy Affecting Arcade Biz
Frankenreview: SoulCalibur IV (Xbox 360)
Capcom Sales Up, Put Rough Window On SFIV Release
The GBA And GameCube...Still...Function!
DS, Wii Totally Cooling Off In Japan
Nintendo DS Software Sales Up, Nintendo Wii Software Sales Up (Up, Up, Up!)
Nintendo Hardware Sales: DS Sales Down, Wii Sales Up (With Bonus Lifetime Sales Data)
Nintendo's Sales And Profits Are Up, Yo
C&C Tiberium Not Due Until 2009-2010
EA Sports To Introduce "Subscription Programs"
Firmware 2.42 Is Live
PS3 Now EA's Single Biggest Bread-Winner
EA Sports PC Games To Rise From The Dead In 09
With Preorders Down, EA Highlights Sports Innovation
EA Sales Jump Narrows Losses, Bad Company Sells 1.6 Million
Activision Blizzard May Dump Massive, Swordfish Studios
Sony's Game Biz Thrives While Company Takes A Big Hit
Double Fine: "Brutal Legend Is Fine"
Sony Shifts 1.5 Million PS3s, 3.7 Million PSPs In Q1 2008
PS3/PSP Sales Up, Overall Software Sales Down
We Hope This Australian Rock Band Pricing Isn't Real (Yet Fear It Is)
Nintendo And 54 Companies Battle Evil R4 In Court
Microsoft Responds To Community Games Quality Concerns
Halo Wars May Get Third Playable Race In The Flood
Hey, You Got Video Game Companies In Our Blogosphere
Comic-Con: It's a Wrap
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Hands-On
Gears Of War Movie To Be Pro Wrestler-Free
Gears Of War 2 Features "Backwards Compatible" Linked Achievements

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