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C&C Tiberium Not Due Until 2009-2010

Illustration for article titled CC Tiberium Not Due Until 2009-2010

EA's Command & Conquer-based squad shooter, Tiberium, was looking alright when first unveiled earlier in the year. And yet, it wasn't at E3. Why? Probably because there was nothing to show, with EA quietly announcing during their earnings conference call today that the game's not due until the 2010 financial year. Which is anywhere from April 2009 to March 2010. Technically this is a "delay", since the game was originally slated to appear later this year, but, yeah. It was never really going to make it in 2008.


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I remember glazing over an issue of Game Informer, and the cover grabbed my attention. After a few sci-fi FPA's, to a few FPS's (not all were successful). This one may take the cake, whenever its released.

I do see why EA put the title on hold. But it would have been fun to see at least a gameplay demo. MAG however.. wonder why it seems kinda familiar.