Comic-Con: It's a Wrap

It's Monday and Comic-Con 08 officially ended over the weekend. Mike McWhertor braved the fest on the hunt for gaming news and he bagged himself quite a lot of big game. Here's the run-down of what we've run so far:

Gears Of War Movie To Be Pro Wrestler-Free
Gears Of War 2 Features "Backwards Compatible" Linked Achievements
Prince of Persia Creator Working On New Karateka Game
Resident Evil: Degeneration Comic-Con Trailer
EA Signs Up Talent Agency To Bring Franchises To Movies, TV
Xbox Live Makes Horror Funny This Fall
Peek At Comic-Con 08's Big Gaming Booths
Jim Lee Dishes On DC Universe Online
Want To See The Max Payne Movie Posters?
EA, DC Bring Mirror's Edge To Comic Books
Spore E-Card Creator Goes Live, Makes You An E-Card God
Liveblogging Will Wright Discussing His Inner Otaku At Comic-Con
Manga Coming to Japanese Wii
Liveblogging The Comic-Con Halo Universe Panel
The Making Of Street Fighter IV: The Liveblog
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Does Booth Babes Right
Street Fighter IV Panel Hints At Console Cammy Return
In Dead Space, No One Can Hear You Sweat Profusely
Midway Delaying Wheelman to Q1 2009
Mortal Kombat 9 Planned As A Mature Return To Form
Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Impressions
NECA Pimps Gaming Toy Line Up At Comic-Con
Green Lantern, Joker Join MK Vs. DC Universe Line Up
Prince Of Persia Creator "Delighted" By Film Casting
Afro Samurai Hands-On Impressions
Comic-Con Cosplays Street Fighter, Final Fight... And Captain Commando?!


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