Liveblogging The Comic-Con Halo Universe Panel

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The Halo Universe Comic-Con panels is getting underway, focusing on — as far as we know — Halo Wars and the Halo novels. The panel, a star-studded Halo cast includes: Graeme Devine of Ensemble Studios, Frank O'Connor of Microsoft Game Studios, Joseph Staten, author of Halo: Contact Harvest, Eric Nylund author of Halo: The Fall of Reach and Halo: First Strike, Tobias Buckell, author of Halo: The Cole Protocol and Jon Goff and Corrinne Robinson from McFarlane Toys. Hit the jump for the up to the minute live blog action! Boosh!Click to view


Darth Tigris

So did anyone ask what the HOLD UP is on the Bendis/Maleev comic miniseries? That thing was supposed to be finished near the launch of Halo 3!!!