Resident Evil: Degeneration Comic-Con Trailer

Pro Tip: Don't show up for the Resident Evil: Degeneration panel at Comic-Con less than 30 minutes prior to it happening or you won't get in. With the San Diego Con at capacity, getting into the Capcom helmed panel required serious Resident Evil dedication. We were covering Jordan Mechner's panel instead, but thanks to GameTrailers, we have the good stuff — the trailer itself. Enjoy!


1. Y'know, I can understand news in the future broadcasting in HD, but didn't the original RE occur in the 90s?

2. According to WP, if Leon S. Kennedy and Co. can't defuse the situation in four hours, the T-Virus gets dispersed to every city in the US. Why not just evacuate the area and MOAB the place? Worked for Cloverfield.

3. "Shoot them in the head." Someone watched the MC Chris video, didn't they?

@kevinl: When the vast majority of your audience pirated the thing about as soon as it came out in Japan, you wouldn't really bother with the English voice acting either.