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"Ghostbusters Is Not Cancelled And Will Not Be"

Illustration for article titled Ghostbusters Is Not Cancelled And Will Not Be

Earlier, we brought word that Activision was taking inventory of Sierra's catalogue and picking and choosing games it wanted to publish. Some games, like Crash Bandicoot, made the cut. Other games like Ghostbusters: The Video Game did not. Does that mean the game's been canned? Well, no. It means that the game doesn't have a publisher. The dev team is still there! Dan Aykroyd is still there! Ernie Hudson, he's still there!! Activision isn't the only show in town, and as a Vivendi spokesperson told game site Destructoid: "It is not cancelled and will not be cancelled." We are following up. Future of Ghostbusters [Dtoid]


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Wait, the game doesn't have a publisher yet? What sort of conspiracy deal is this? I mean, if I was a publisher, I'd be all over the Ghostbusters game like a fat kid on tatter tots. So someone better publish this thing already... I want my tatter tots and unlicensed nuclear particle accelerators!