Forget Wii Fit, It's Mario Kart That's Buttering Nintendo's Bread

As part of their freshly-dropped quarterly financials, Nintendo have decided to lavish special attention upon two of its titles. While neglecting to provide us with individual sales data for all their first-party games, which they've sometimes done in the past, they would like us to know how many copies of Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii they've sold. And the totals may surprise you! Because while Wii Fit's been a media darling, and has captured Nintendo a ton of good press with morning television crowd, it's sold "only" 3.42 million units worldwide since launch. That's a little over half of what Mario Kart Wii's managed, with the plastic-wheel-packing GameCube update managing to sell 6.42 million units worldwide.


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