Updated: That headline means "pissing match" in Japanese, according to commenter stargateheaven. But in any language, the Itagaki-Tecmo split got beyond bad-breakup nasty this week. Itagaki wants his money back, Tecmo's heaving shit out the front door. Just bad. And like giggling gossiping schoolkids we intercepted much of the paperwork and read it aloud to you, class. So we'll lead with those highlights and give you much more on the jump.

L'affaire Tecmo
Listen To The Secret Tecmo Tape
Here's The Documented Evidence Itagaki Submitted Against Tecmo
Secret Tecmo Tapes Reveal Number of the Beast, Insulting Tecmo President
Itagaki Didn't Leave Tecmo, He Was Fired
Tecmo Withdrew Itagaki Gag-Order Weeks Ago

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