You can generally tell how much a company is pushing a game at a trade show by the amount of assets they make available for it. Having said that, here are three screenshots of Fracture, a game that was briefly presented by LucasArts between The Clone Wars and Force Unleashed, as if to say're going to have to watch this if you want to get to the good stuff. There wasn't much new information on Fracture. It's still a global conflict that pits two forces against each other using terrain restructuring weaponry, a feature that set last year's E3 on fire but this year was just sort of there. I guess I'm just not all that excited about the title as it stands, especially when they sandwich it between two hefty doses of Star Wars, as if it were an intermission or something. Anyway, here is Fracture.


Update: Missed in my rather lackluster view of the game, LucasArts did reveal the all-new DC environment in the preview, frosted with snow. It's lovely, sure, but doesn't take away from my overall meh feeling. Perhaps the letdown from TimeShift - another shooter with an innovative mechanic - just has me wary.