Don’t Delete PS4 Avengers Before Importing Your Saves To PS5

clint barton in marvels avengers
Screenshot: Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix

Following a delay last fall, Marvel’s Avengers is officially out today for next-gen consoles. But if you’re trying to boot up your PlayStation 4 save files on PlayStation 5, you might notice that your hard-grinded save data doesn’t automatically transfer over. Personally, I was aghast. My Iron-Man didn’t deserve to be stuck at level one! And why was Captain America wearing a shirt? Not cool.


First, you’ll have to download both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Marvel’s Avengers, which, combined, will take up a whopping 120 GB of your console’s SSD. Make sure both copies of the game are fully updated, as well. Once you’re set there, open up the PS4 version of the game.

How To Switch Generations On PS5

On PlayStation 5, you can tell what generation you’re playing by checking out the game’s title on the console dash. The PS4 version will list a “PS4” suffix. The PS5 version won’t have a suffix at all. If you’re still on the next-gen version, navigate down to the three-dot menu and click on “PS4 | Full | Marvel’s Avengers.”

Provided your PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers is up to date, you should see a new “Save Migration” tab atop the starting screen. Pop over to it. Click on the only button. (Earlier today, some players noted that this tab wasn’t showing up. The game’s official Twitter account acknowledged these issues, but apologized for the inconvenience and said everything should be all set going forward.)

You’ll see a notice informing you that, when you next launch the PS5 version, you’ll be asked to migrate your data. But, when I tested this process out, I didn’t receive any query of that nature. All of my old, souped-up characters were just...there, ready for action on PS5.

Once you’ve completed the transfer, you’re clear to delete the PS4 version off your console.

Trying to use the console’s PS Plus cloud storage transfer doesn’t work. Trust me. I tried. Multiple times.


Oh, and one more thing: According to the game, any microtransactions you’ve made will show up regardless of whether or not you transfer your data.

The PS5 version of the game adds de rigeur next-gen visuals to Marvel’s Avengers. Like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Borderlands 3, and plenty of other next-gen games, you’ll have two options: a performance mode (which prioritizes a framerate of 60 fps over sharper visuals) or a quality mode (which offers true 4K resolution at the expense of a faster framerate). A Square Enix presentation earlier today said that the game’s next-gen versions also bring “improved destruction.” We’ll see.


Today’s update also introduces the Hawkeye expansion, “Future Perfect,” at no extra cost. Beyond that, starting today, the game’s grind is officially—drum roll, please—more of a grind, switching from a linear to an exponential curve. Stay tuned for Kotaku’s thoughts on the biggest update to hit Avengers yet.

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I actually just discovered today that Spider-Man Remastered suffers this same-ish fate. Maybe the transfer cloud works, but it asked me to import from my PS4 version and it said nothing was there to import, despite me being pretty darn sure PS4 Spidey is in the cloud.

Then, I suddenly didn’t care. That game is frickin’ fun and I’ll gladly look forward to re-platinuming it.