Dear Bethesda, I'm an Imbecile. Love, Owen

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To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: E3: It Never Ends


As painful as this is to share with the entire readership, I feel it is appropriate to take ownership of my dumbassery, because lord knows tech support managers put up with enough of it.

I finally downloaded Operation: Anchorage for Fallout 3 on Friday. Had a bit of a problem getting it to work; kept clicking and clicking but nothing was happening. So, I fired off a message to Bethesda tech support.

Like most forms of asshattery, this one was hubris-fueled, because I ... (looks away) ... used my Kotaku email address as the reply-to, figuring that'd get someone's attention fast. Some people know how I have been a category 5 asshole about this sort of thing; fortunately I didn't send one of those emails but I still Tweeted about it, kinda sniffily. Well I got results. Saturday evening I got a prompt reply, politely holding my own ignorance up to a mirror.

Operation: Anchorage, of course, is not an add-on in the sense that it continues after your last mission. This is an open-world game, right? So it would make sense that it just opens up another spot on your map. If I bothered to read my own site, I'd know that. Hell, if I had played the game when the rest of the free world was discovering it, I would have known that. These guys at Bethesda tech support must get a thousand such n00b complaints a day, and here's Mr. Important Kotaku-Mans doing it on the company email.

So, Bethesda: I'm sorry I can't follow simple instructions. I realize I'm probably an office joke right now. But realize also that, in this game, I can invade that office. And I have a gatling laser.


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