E3: It Never Ends

To: Owen
From: Crecente

It's been one of the busiest E3's in recent memory, and the stories on Kotaku prove it. We've reported on everything from the new tech of Project Natal, the PSP Go and Vitality Monitor to Shigeru Miyamoto slipping up and telling us about Nintendo's save system. We also managed to drop a rumor post about the details and timing of Apple's new iPhone. Busy week.

But, this doesn't conclude our E3 coverage. Not by a long shot. We still have some of our biggest stories coming including our chats with the likes of EA's John Riccitello, Sony's Peter Dille, Microsoft's John Schappert and more from Shigeru Miyamoto.


And we've got a metric ton of hands-ons and impressions to post up over the next week. So stay tuned. Oh, while all of this is happening we're going to be latching onto the gaming news coming out of next week's iPhone-centric WWDC event. At the very least, I expect to hear some new things about Apple's support of and approach to iPhone gaming.

Word has it that they've hired a fairly big name for internal development.

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