We knew its name, but little else. Well, today, Bethesda have finally provided details on Fallout 3's first piece of DLC. For those short on time, for $10 you'll get 4-5 hours worth of gameplay out of it.

For those not short on time, pull up a seat!

Operation Anchorage - the first of three planned DLC packs for the game - is set in the game's "distant past", with players able to access a dusty old military simulator that "teleports" you into a battle against the Chinese army, in the days before the a-bombs started falling.


Being a battle, the focus here is on combat, players tasked with fighting (or sneaking) their way past a ton of Chinese troops. As a bonus, many of the weapons and technologies players encounter in Operation Anchorage will then be made available in the main game.

A new perk - called "Covert Ops" - will also be added to the pack.


Also discussed, albeit briefly, were the game's second and third pieces of DLC. The second, called The Pitt, takes players to Pittsburgh, a city that while still in a state of disrepair, never took a bomb or three like DC did.

The third, "Broken Steel", is mentioned only briefly, and will bring increases to level caps, new bad guys and new perks.

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