Bring Back Colorful Consoles & Controllers

This week we learn how much it sucks to have Covid-19, yell objection in a “courtroom,” hangout with Kratos in Fortnite, check out Cyberpunk 2077's photo mode, sit on a Pokemon and reminisce about the old days, when consoles came in many colors.


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Finally, Ditto is worth a damn.

I just got the first preliminary report from the researchers. It simply says this: They wild freaks.


Ari is a great writer here at Kotaku and reading about his experience with Covid-19 is a great reminder of why we should all be wearing masks. Please. For the love of all that is good in this world, wear a fucking mask.



“Overruled! Habeus Corpus! Did I win yet?”


And you know what, I fucking love it.


I miss colorful and fun-looking consoles and controllers. I actually bought custom Xbox and PS4 controllers, both bright pink, not long ago because I’m so bored with grey and black and white hardware. MORE COLOR!


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I think oversaturation killed the see-through colorful game console trend. I remember Nintendo released the Funtastic N64s in 2000, and at the time they were really unique, and they really stood out. In less than two years I was already sick of that style. It feels like every third party gaming peripheral company decided to release their entire product line in colorful see through plastic. The style became synonymous with cheap, flimsy and poor quality.