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Army of Two Dev: We Wouldn't Have Done Modern Warfare 2's Airport Scene

Matt Turner, a producer on EA Montreal's Army of Two: The 40th Day, praised Infinity Ward for having the sack to do its infamous "No Russian" mission, in which terrorist NPCs kill civilians, but adds "we wouldn't have done it."

"You're playing a CIA agent, it's designed to show the atrocities," Turner told CVG in an interview, "It's pretty awful and if you fail to see that side of it than you're not getting the whole picture. That being said, I thought it took it a little far; it was pretty out there. But I like seeing that they have guts like that."

Turner did say the mission's scenes, shown in advance of the game's release, were taken out of context. "When the footage got leaked thousands upon thousands of people saw it on a clip not knowing what it was," he said to CVG. "I'm not saying they were overreacting but people were generating these pretty outlandish opinions even though they didn't know what the scene meant in the grand scheme of the game."

Interview: Army of Two: 40th Day [CVG via Gamers Reports]

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