Video game news is being made right now in Germany, and we're putting it all together here so you can keep up with the latest from Xbox, EA and more....

What's the biggest news coming out of Europe during one the biggest gaming news shows of the year? Find out right here. We'll be updating this story throughout the day.

Battlefield 3

Holy Moly. Battlefield 3 Has Some Gorgeous Screenshots

With screenshots that look this pretty, I would guess we're looking at a PC version. But we'll have trailers that were running on a PS3 up soon.
What a looker. More »


Holy Moly 2. Battlefield 3's New 64-Player Trailer Looks Lovely

The motion picture beats the still image again. Sure, today's new Battlefield 3 screenshots were impressive. But this trailer, showing a 64-player battle in the game's Caspian Sea level, looks better. More »


Want to See Some Battlefield 3 Co-Op? 3, 2, 1, Shoot!


Making it's debut at Gamescom 2011 in Germany, Battlefield 3's co-op mode is every bit as intense as single player, with 100 percent more synchronized shouting. More »

Borderlands 2


Your First Look Borderlands 2 Teaser Footage

Gearbox Software, makers of Borderlands 1, is making Borderlands 2. This is the game's first teaser.
Borderlands 2 was first revealed earlier this month. More »


Dark Souls


The Trailer for 2011's Hardest Game Is Easy To Watch

Dark Souls, the spiritual sequel to the challenging Demon's Soul, will not be a cake walk.
No, it will be difficult. It will be hard. Good thing the title's Gamescom trailer is a piece of cake to watch. More »

Devil May Cry


If You Hate This DMC: Devil May Cry Gameplay Trailer, It May Cry

Devil May Cry is getting reworked as DMC: Devil May Cry—a fresh take on an old favorite.
Yet, some fans didn't warm to the trailer released last year, but the E3 trailer was a step in the right direction. More »


Escape Plan


Meet Lil and Laarg, the Stars of the New PS Vita Game Escape Plan

Sony announced a new PS Vita title at their press conference today named Escape Plan. The player controls Lil and Laarg, two leather suited characters that look like they're from right out of Nightmare Before Christmas. More »

FIFA Street

New game announced for early 2012.

How does EA start a press conference in Europe? With soccer football, of course. EA is bringing back their FIFA Street franchise. Announced at EA's Gamescom conference, it will feature 25 locations, from London to Rio de Janeiro. It uses the FIFA 12 engine. Made by EA Sports' Vancouver studio.


Forza Motorsport 4


Forza Motorsport 4 Shows Off Classic German Track

The people over at Turn 10 Studios give us another sneak peak into how and why Forza Motorsport 4's tracks are chosen and created. In this video they show off the historic Hockenheim track in Germany. More »


Gears of War 3


Brown Badasses Are Back: A Boatload of Gears of War 3 Campaign Screens

I recently got myself in a bit of hot water by mentioning I wasn't all that excited for Gears of War 3. I didn't mean it as an insult. It's just that there are a million interesting new games coming out this year that hold the promise of new experiences, while Gears is going to be more, well,... More »

Halo: Combat Evolved


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Mutiplayer Maps Look Real Pretty

Just because we love you at Kotaku, we're giving you videos of two classic multiplayer maps, Beaver Creek and Damnation, for free! Enjoy the nostalgia of blasting your friends with a plasma rifle. More »

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood


Cole McGrath Vants to Sahk Your Blood in Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Later this year, Infamous 2 fans will be able to download Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, a standalone adventure for Sucker Punch's open-world superhero PS3 game.
On a cold, dark night in New Marais, vampires swarm the city, killing lots of folks and biting hero Cole McGrath in the process. More »

Kinect Disneyland Adventures


The Kinect Will Let you Get the Mad Hatter's Autograph, Starting November 15

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, which appears to be a surprisingly good game, finally has a release date: November 15, the target date for people buying stuff for Christmas.
The game also has a batch of new official screenshots, which you can see here. More »


Kinect Star Wars


New Kinect Star Wars Screenshots Release The Rancor

The newest Kinect Star Wars screenshots come straight from straight from Gamescom and give a taste of the rage of the Rancor. In addition we get a look at the Jedi as they dismantle a few droids and some shots of pod racing. More »

Lollipop Chainsaw


The Lollipop Chainsaw Debut Trailer Has Sparkles and Vivisections

Lollipop Chainsaw is the upcoming title from Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture and Hollywood's James Gunn. This is the game's debut trailer.
The game follows the exploits of an 18-year-old zombie-slaying cheerleader, which sounds cool and all, but for goodness sake, the game better not have... More »


Mass Effect 3


The new Mass Effect 3 Trailer Proves Mass Effect Can be a Pretty Shooter

The new Mass Effect 3 trailer, debuting at Gamescom in Europe today, is all about combat. Specifically, it's about shooting, the weakest part of BioWare's series. More »

Mass Effect 3 Screens Show BroShep Killing Alien Types, Being BroShep


You'd think after all the hullabaloo about FemShep, the female version of Mass Effect 3's "Shepherd" main character, that BioWare would release some screenshots showing the new fan-picked blonde model shooting some aliens in the mandibles. More »



This Minecraft Phone Is Ugly

I like Minecraft's retro, blocky graphics. They work. But man, this phone is hideous.
The Sony Ericsson Xperia isn't a good looking piece of hardware to begin with! More »

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Hits Select Android's Xperia Play Today for $7

Minecraft - Pocket Edition hits the Android Xperia Play today exclusively for $6.99 with later Android versions hitting in the near future. The best part? Staying true to their roots, the game's first version is an alpha build.


Ninja Gaiden 3


Ninja Gaiden 3 Could Be the Hardest PlayStation Move Game Ever

Today at Gamescom in Germany, Tecmo's Team Ninja revealed that Ninja Gaiden 3 was getting physical with the PlayStation Move, finally allowing the player and Ryu to commiserate over how difficult it is to slash at enemies for hours on end. More »

Resistance: Burning Skies


Resistance Coming to Vita as Resistance: Burning Skies

Sony will be launching an entirely new Resistance game on the Vita titled Resistance: Burning Skies. Developed by Nihilistic Games, the studio behind PlayStation Move: More »

The Secret World


The Secret World Steps Into the Light Next Spring

Funcom's massively multiplayer supernatural conspiracy game for the PC gets an April 2012 target today at Gamescom, along with a new trailer and news about how you can sign up to participate in beta testing events. More »

Soul Calibur V


This Soulcalibur V Trailer Slices Up Gamescom

As gamers from around the globe descend on Cologne for Gamescom, Namco Bandai is releasing the latest trailer for upcoming weapon-based combat title Soulcalibur V. More »



The New SSX Sort of Has 100,000-Player Multiplayer

The new SSX will be a heavily networked game, so you'll never feel lonely snowboarding. A presentation of the new game at EA's Gamescom press conference in Germany today focused on the game's many ways for people to compete against each other. More »

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Watch Eight Imperials Fail to Breach The Old Republic's Eternity Vault

During EA's 2011 Gamescom press conference, eight Imperial players attempted to take on one of the game's first major level 50 instances, the Eternity Vault. More »

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor


The New Kinect-Only Steel Battalion Has a Weird Story, Supports Interactive High-Fives

Take a look at the debut trailer for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, coming to you from Gamescom in Germany. New details are hitting as I write this as well, so refresh this for an update.
The short-short version: More »

Street Fighter X Tekken


Oh Hi Street Fighter x Tekken Gamescom Trailer

Time for another Street Fighter x Tekken trailer! This one is for Gamescom.
The trailer goes into detail about how the game system works. So if you were curious about that, here you go. More »

Twisted Metal


Sony Only Gives You a Taste of Twisted Metal to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Amidst the waterfall of new game footage and price drops at today's Sony press conference, a few Twisted Metal screenshots snuck out to see the light of day. More »

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception


This High-Flying Uncharted 3 Footage Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Even those of us in Kotaku Tower relatively unenthused by the Uncharted franchise sat up and took notice of the Uncharted 3 gameplay demo at Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference. More »

The Newest Uncharted 3 Screenshots Toss Nathan Drake onto a Dangerous Plane


There are easier ways to catch a flight than chasing a plane with jeep, climbing up its landing gear and then fighting a large man in an open cargo bay. More »

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes


Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is a New 6v6v6 Game, Free to PC this Fall

The next iteration of Warhammer Online will be a free-to-play online PC game, focused on three-way team combat, as announced by BioWare chief Ray Muzyka at an EA showcase in Germany for Gamescom today.
Warhammer Online: More »

World of Battleships


Imagine a World of Battleships (Minus Kevin Costner)

From the maker of World of Tanks comes World of Battleships, a free-to-play PC game that will allow players to smack each other around using giant action battleships. More »