Resistance Coming to Vita as Resistance: Burning Skies

Sony will be launching an entirely new Resistance game on the Vita titled Resistance: Burning Skies. Developed by Nihilistic Games, the studio behind PlayStation Move: Heroes and Starcraft: Ghost, Resistance: Burning Skies will head back in time a ways, taking place as the Chimera invade Earth.

The game will star Jim Riley, a firefighter who is swept up in events and has no choice but to grab his fire axe and start slicing some Chimeran skulls. On Sony's Gamescom stage, the rep from Nihilistic worked through a bit of the game's demo, moving from fire axe to alien weaponry to homing rockets and beyond. Burning Skies will use the Vita's touch functionality, allowing players to guide rockets and grenades with the touch screen.


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