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Somehow, Disneyland Adventures has Become my Most Anticipated Kinect Game

Shortly after I air-hugged a virtual Mickey Mouse and before I realized that Disneyland Adventures is a love letter to pre-Pixar, pre-CGI, hand-drawn Disney Animation, I decided that this fall's big Disney Kinect game is my most anticipated video game for Microsoft's hands-free controller.


Of course, there aren't that many Kinect games to choose from when you're nominating the Best Kinect Game on the Horizon. The Star Wars game isn't impressive yet. I haven't played Gunstringer. (Crecente did). But, look at the video here... there's stuff to like about this Disney one.


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Aw, don't blame the iPhone. Did you know you can change the focus by tapping on the screen while recording?

The Disney game looks great btw. I thought it was only going to be tour of the amusement parks but it actually looks to have more gameplay surprisingly.

Someone needs to bring back the Disney Afternoon though. How I miss thee.