Kinect Star Wars is Supposed to be a Little Better Now

We played Kinect Star Wars a couple of times last month at E3. Our own Owen Good wasn't impressed. Neither was Brian Crecente. I got my chance this week and shot some video to give you an extra look at the game.

Bear in mind two things as you watch the video here:

1) A LucasArts producer who was overseeing demos said that the build I was playing—which includes the E3 Jedi level and a new pod-racing mode—was updated based on E3 feedback and has reduced latency.


2) I'm considered an optimist in these parts.

Check out the video, which features some bonus slow-mo sections and even a bit of first-person Kinect gaming. This is going to be a big game this fall and it's still being worked on. This is your look at the latest iteration, from all angles.

(Older Kinect Star Wars footage in my video here is from Bamar En Live, via YouTube)

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Keep these video pieces coming Totilo! Love them!