This High-Flying Uncharted 3 Footage Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Even those of us in Kotaku Tower relatively unenthused by the Uncharted franchise sat up and took notice of the Uncharted 3 gameplay demo at Sony's Gamescom 2011 press conference. Witness action movie cliché at its finest!


The Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception gameplay you're seeing here is the same segment our own Stephen Totilo saw behind closed doors at E3 earlier this year, making me regret missing the show this year even more. It's total action movie overload, filled with rooftop running, bullet dodging, and culminating in that old standby, hopping from a moving vehicle onto the landing gear of an aircraft as it taxis down the runway.


And then it keeps going!

I wouldn't say I was completely overwhelmed by this, but my whelm levels are definitely higher than normal. So much whelm.

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I wasn't really impressed by U2, so I had only a slight interest in this game. Plus with CoD and Skyward Sword coming out the same month I was sure that my money was going elsewhere. Still though, that looks fantastic and I'd get it in a heartbeat if the release date were better on my wallet.