Dark Nights | LONDON, UK - The caped crusader takes to the London stage. (Photo: Joel Ryan | AP)

If Kinect Were an Action Figure, It Would Be This.

Being a child of the 1980s, action figures were a part of growing up. Posing them was intuitive and second nature. Kids today still play with action figures, but with increasingly better video games, action figures today are also digital. More »

The Art of BioShock 2, and Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age, and Silent Hill, and...

You may know artist Jason Chan as the chap who helped design us a lovely t-shirt. Or who drew rad pictures of kids fighting zombies.
You should know him, though, as a video game concept artist who's worked on games like BioShock 2, Dead Space 2, and Dragon Age: More »

From Metal Gear to Stripping to Fugitive to Porn

Earlier this year, pin-up Minako Komukai was on the run from Johnny Law. She stood accused of purchasing drugs from a group of Iranian dealers and fled to the Philippines. More »

So, What Could the Next 3DS Look Like?

We know there's going to be a revised edition of the 3DS somewhere down the line. It's a Nintendo handheld, that's company policy. Only question is how soon will we get it, and what will it look like?
The when may be a lot sooner than either we or Nintendo were expecting. More »

Metal Gear's Studio Has a Circle Pad Peripheral Now Too

While all the initial buzz around Nintendo's new "Slide Pad" peripheral was with Capcom, they're not the only third-party publisher with access to it. More »

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