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Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Add-on is Real, Here's Your First Horrifying Look

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wait a second. That crazy insane rumor that the struggling Nintendo 3DS would be getting a second analog slider might actually be true? If you believe early reports from the latest issue of Japanese video game mag Famitsu, well, yeah.


According to still unconfirmed reports from the mag, which typically leaks all over the internet right about now, the 3DS is getting a new hardware add-on that will snap onto the system, adding a second "Circle Pad"—one that will be perfect for a rumored version of Wii release Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo 3DS dubbed Monster Hunter 3 G.

Other reports indicate the Circle Pad attachment will consist of a cradle-like attachment that juts out slightly from the original hardware and has an R2 shoulder button.


The rumored report from Famitsu comes from Japanese blogs Game Jouhou and Hachima (via 8-4's Mark "Gaming Jesus" MacDonald).

Nintendo has a press conference scheduled for next week, Tuesday, September 13, in Tokyo, just prior to the Tokyo Game Show. It is rumored to have new product announcements and potentially new hardware on hand. Could a revised Nintendo 3DS with dual analog control be imminent?

Update: The following picture, allegedly from the latest Famitsu, seems to confirm the news.


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