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So, What Could the Next 3DS Look Like?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We know there's going to be a revised edition of the 3DS somewhere down the line. It's a Nintendo handheld, that's company policy. Only question is how soon will we get it, and what will it look like?

The when may be a lot sooner than either we or Nintendo were expecting. And the recent spur for all this "oh, you crazy 3DS, you" talk, the slide pad peripheral, may answer the what.


This mock-up posted over on NeoGAF, by user Graphics Horse, is pretty much the best thing we can hope for, especially since my own dreams don't look like they're going to be realised this time around.


Forget the DSi case, being used just for size's sake, it's the location and size of that second thumbstick that's important. For one, it's there, something that should have been there from the start, and second it's smaller, making it easier to slide into a casing that's already packed pretty tight.

Also, what would we call this thing? My money's on the 3DSDS (3DS Dual-Stick). Or the 3DS² to make it easier.

Then again, with a rebound in sales spurred by the recent price-cut in the US (Nintendo sold 235,000 of them in the US last month), maybe they can hold off a little while longer.

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