Kotaku-Tan, The T-Shirt For The Kotaku Fan

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It's been a long time since we've had Kotaku tees for sale...

But now we have Kotaku-tan. Based on the moe anthropomorphism style of 2chan's OS-tans—or if you prefer, console-style-tans—Kotaku-tan taps into references that are probably familiar to the longtime reader: the friendly Pointer Fish, our unhealthy love of cake, the 'K' logo, the... um... memorable Kotaku color scheme. The long and flowing black hair? Totally a coincidence.


We worked with the talented Jason Chan, perhaps best known to Kotaku readers as the artist responsible for "Zombie Playground" (or maybe for his work on Dragon Age: Origins), to create Kotaku-tan for Meat Bun. Jason worked in some amazing little details, like the little d-pads placed on the white shell armor and K logo boot-wings.

We're super excited with the way she's turned out, thanks in part to a ridiculous 13-screen printing process that made for a beautiful print that's surprisingly soft. Kotaku-tan is available now at Meat Bun in black, asphalt, and natural organic.

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George Stobbart

Apparently my comment got deleted bc. I included a link (which really really sucks) but I wanted to repost my comment sans link all the same:

As the CEO of a street-wear company, I am completely blown away by this shirt. How on earth did you make it cost effective?

All of our shirts use 3 screens. I have never even heard of using 13 (most I ever heard of was 7... and that was ridiculous).

I tried to count, but I could only really discern 8 different colors, I guess the rest were used for the gradients. What kind of mesh count did you guys use?

Kudos on figuring out how to get the benefits of digital printing (gradients) with the overall quality of screen-printing.

my only gripe would be the lack of a screen printed tag. Seems kinda funny to go so far with the screen printing, only to leave a tag in.

Either way, hats off to you guys!

Let me know if you need help with any of your future garment needs.