Left 4 Dead — Now For Kids!

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If the zombie apocalypse broke out a few decades earlier than it did in Left 4 Dead, it might look a lot like this. (And no, this is not concept art for the Wii version.)


Artist Jason Chan — who also happens to work for concept art house Massive Black, partially responsible for the visual direction of many, many video games — painted this little beauty early last year, well before the launch of Valve's zombie shooter, but it's just now getting some traction, thanks to Digg.

Chan wrote on his personal blog that the painting, dubbed "Zombie Playground," was created for a ConceptArt.org contest, not necessarily as a response or homage to Left 4 Dead. Funny how similar the four zombie slayers are, though, with maybe the exception of Bill.

The good news for fans of the piece (and Chan's bank account) is that the artist is going to be making the item available as a print. We'll give a shout out when that happens.

Zombie Playground Prints in the works [Jason Chan Art]


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