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Metal Gear's Studio Has a Circle Pad Peripheral Now Too

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While all the initial buzz around Nintendo's new "Slide Pad" peripheral was with Capcom, they're not the only third-party publisher with access to it. Seems Konami have at least one in the house as well.


Speaking on the latest Kojima Productions podcast, members of the Metal Gear team went on record with their thoughts on the new add-on:

"I saw it today in the office. I mean I'm sure it'll enhance gameplay… it's a little big." – Christopher Johns

"It feels good I think… it feels good. It's just it's an add-on, so I think the only concern is how will that kind of split through the users. Because there are people who are gonna wanna just carry around a really portable 3DS and then maybe only the really hardcore guys want to play some FPSs on there or something will maybe want to get that attachment." – Sean Eyeston

"I don't know if people want to carry it around, right? That might be the tough part." – Christopher Johns

"It is kind of big." – Sean Eyeston

"I think it adds a new level to gameplay, so it's definitely worth it." – Christopher Johns

"Gameplay-wise I think it definitely adds a lot. It's just size-wise and I guess aesthetics, right?" – Sean Eyeston

"For those who do play for long periods of time, I think that will win over a lot of people…" – Christine Kogure


Which is all very interesting, but more interesting is why does Kojima Productions have one on-hand? Could it be a reason for the recent delay (in the West, at least) of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D had something to do with reworking the game for dual thumbsticks?

Maybe! Then again, with the Japanese version of the game still on track for a November release (and the circle pad peripheral's release outside Japan TBA), maybe not!

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