Let's recap a week slam-slap full of breaking news that got the gamer gums a-flappin'. Fallout Vegas? We was there. Lego Rock Band? Done tole you about it. The biggie? Stephen Totilo, newly minted editor-mans.

Sony had a couple attention-snappers, too - the existence of Uncharted multiplayer (and its beta), and Arkham Asylum's exclusive play-as-Joker configuration. Both seemed to break the official announcement date early but, hey, we're talking about it, so that's still mission success for them.


Finally, let's all welcome Mr. Totilo, the (clears throat) second Kotaku editor/writer turned out by Columbia Journalism. Of course, such snippiness is permissible only until May, when he becomes my superior and I start to lick boot. Still, I do hope that he isn't spared the rookie hazing. Then again, after getting pwned by Soulja Boy in Gears 2, the man is probably incapable of humiliation.

The week that was in Kotaku originals:

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