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Star Trek Online Screens Explore Strange New Worlds

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following the official announcement of Paramount's Star Trek D-A-C yesterday, Cryptic sent us a trio of exclusive Star Trek Online screens to remind fans that there's much more than a top-down shooter in the works.

Out of the three images that Cryptic passed along, the top one here is the one that truly spoke to the Star Trek fan in me. That right there, my friends, is a starship that's boldly going somewhere to seek out some stuff. The planet-side depicts a nice place to pick up alien spores or lose your memory and live life as a caveman, and the third shot reinforces the fact that things will indeed be exploding in space. Very nice, but the first shot makes me desperately hope that there's some sort of epic travelling music in the game.


No, not "Faith of The Heart".