Play As The Joker In Arkham Asylum PS3

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A new advertisement appearing earlier than expected in Sony's PlayStation Home reveals the ability to play as The Joker in PlayStation 3 exclusive challenge levels for Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Several readers sent us in blurry photos of the new sign, which has appeared in various spots throughout the Home service today, featuring a grinning Joker (the best kind) and boasting exclusive challenge levels for the PS3 version in which players will be able to take control of the clown prince of crime. I hopped online and snapped my own shot, but appreciate the efforts of our readers to bring this story to light.

I contacted public relations for the game, who couldn't offer me any details on the exclusive, or whether or not the Xbox 360 version would be getting something similar. In fact, the man I spoke to seemed rather shocked that the ad had already gone up. Whoops.

For those of you who haven't been following the game, Challenge Maps are additional goodies outside of the main game that players can run through over and over again, trying to get the best score, which Crecente got a look at during GDC this year. We've you can find a video of Batman taking on one such level here.

We'll keep you posted once details are actually released through normal channels.



I HATE this exclusive bullshit. Eat my balls Sony.