The Conduit Hands-On: A Second Look

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Last month when I sat down with High Voltage to talk to them about their upcoming Wii shooter, The Conduit. I also managed to finagle some time playing the game.


I was surprised at how deftly the game seemed to handle... with one exception.

The Conduit is meant to be a solid first-person shooter built from the ground up for the Wii. I was impressed with just how customizable the controls are, allowing you to tweak just about everything in the game to try and create, or recreate, your favorite shooter controls.


Taking the Wii remote in hand, I was able to adjust to the controls within a few seconds and was pulling off head shots in minutes.

I found the controls exceptionally tight and more than able to deliver a solid shooter experience. I did run into one significant problem though.

To look around, you need to aim the remote to the edge of the screen. This worked fine normally, but when I pointed too far off the screen the game would sort of flip out, sending me spinning in circles until i was able to recenter my controller and stop the movement.


Of course, the problem is that when playing a fast-paced shooter, one that may expect you to spin around quickly, the possibilities of over turning are pretty high.

Hopefully this is something High Voltage can fix with software, because without the one flaw it seems like the best controls for a Wii shooter that I can remember.


On top of tracking headshots and nailing precision aiming, every gun you use also has a zoom option and many, I'm told, will have secondary fire.

While the controls seemed mostly flawless, when I saw the game is still lacked a bit of polish. In particular, the graphics seemed to need a little work, but nothing that is insurmountable.

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The issue is enough to kill the whole experience. Moments like that in a game ruin immersion, and pull your 100% out of the experience instantly while you fight with what should be the extension of your body, the controls.

That is aside from the obvious issues of making the game annoyingly hard to play.