Dead Rising's brown-coat-wearing photojournalist hero had a great name: Frank West. What about the motorbike-ridin'-zombie-killing dude in the Dead Rising 2? What's his name?

According to the upcoming issue of Famitsu, the character's name is Chuck Greene. That's right "Chuck". We're already putting in our short and punchy naming recommendation for Dead Rising 3: "Jack".

As with the previous title, Dead Rising 2 is built around a 72-hour time based formula. Unlike the previous title, it's not being developed 100 percent in-house. Capcom has partnered with Vancouver-based third-party Blue Castle Games for the title. The developers announced at GDC that for DR2 they were planning on having 6,000 characters.

The game's character art lead, Izmeth Siddeek, is quoted as saying, "Dead Rising 2 deal[s] with the rendering of the greatest number of characters ever seen in a video game... Everything else needed to be subordinated to this requirement."