The Last Remnant Review: Strategically Sound, Technically Flawed

East meets West as Square Enix releases The Last Remnant, their first attempt at creating a role-playing experience with both Japanese and Western audiences in mind. The game follows the adventure of Rush Sykes, a small-village boy who gets thrust into global intrigue after his sister is kidnapped by a sinister man… »11/27/08 1:00pm11/27/08 1:00pm

The Last Remnant Getting Xbox 360 Release First, True Simultaneous Release

Upcoming Square Enix RPG The Last Remnant will be getting an Xbox 360 release before the PS3 one. The game was first announced in 2007, and Square Enix touted the fact that it would be getting a simultaneous PS3/Xbox 360 release in both Japan and North America this winter with Europe following later. Now, it looks… »6/10/08 4:37am6/10/08 4:37am