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The Last Remnant Gets Windowsed In Spring

Illustration for article titled The Last Remnant Gets Windowsed In Spring

Square Enix's "strategically sound, technically flawed" role-playing game The Last Remnant is coming to Games for Windows in the Spring, the company announced today. Expect "features previously not available" on the Xbox 360 version.


Unfortunately, that's all the info that Squenix is providing, noting that whatever those new features are will be announced later. Date? No. Price? Nuh-uh. Just know that The Last Remnant is coming and that it will have an .exe.


The PlayStation 3 port of the RPG is still "TBA," if you're holding out for it.

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Sigh. Another platform the game won't sell on, and the PS3 gets gypped again. Versus XIII better be the best fucking game ever or I'm just plain done with Square.