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The Last Remnant On PC Has A Shaky Launch

Illustration for article titled The Last Remnant On PC Has A Shaky Launch

Pardon the French, but there's no other way to describe the PC launch of Square Enix's The Last Remnant. It's a mess.


The game was released in Europe yesterday. So thousands of Europeans bought it, took it home, went to play it and...could not. See, the game is authenticated and activated via Valve's Steam service. And for some reason, the game isn't out yet on Steam (and won't be until April 9).


So when you try and authenticate the game, Steam shoots you back the terribly unhelpful message:

The Last Remnant has not been officially released, and cannot be unlocked at this time. Please check Steam news to find out the release time. Steam will notify you when the game becomes unlocked.

Oh dear.

Last Remnant PC activation issues [Eurogamer]

UPDATE - And just like that, it's fixed. Square Enix's Sonia Im says "Unfortunately there was a technical glitch that lasted a few hours but any issues were resolved early this morning." So there you go, Europe! Waiting a few hours beats waiting until April 9, huh?

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Best thing is, pirates will have it long before then.