The game was originally released on the Xbox 360 in November 2008 and later ported to the PC. The game wasn't the hit Square Enix hoped, and there have been reports that the game has been canned.

Square Enix's PS3 page lists The Last Remnant PS3 version as "TBA". However, the game is completely absent from an official schedule in an official winter 2009 Square Enix pamphlet.


There are loads of games listed for early 2010 and The Last Remnant isn't one of them, leading to further speculation that the game has been shelved. Guess that's why it's TBA, huh?

スクエニが配布しているパンフレットからPS3版『ラスト レムナント』の存在が消えているようです [はちま起稿]

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