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Last Remnant Team So Cannot Wait For Unreal Engine 4

Illustration for article titled Last Remnant Team So Cannot Wait For Unreal Engine 4

The Last Remnant is all about firsts. It's the first title that Square Enix has made using the Unreal Engine 3, and the first title that Square Enix has used actual foreigners during the game's motion capture — a move, according to art director Yusuke Naora "totally changed our way of thinking about the project". While it's certainly a question of which came first (the game engine or the game), Square Enix decided to make a truly worldwide product on the Unreal Engine 3. That product turned into The Last Remnant, and the undertaking to get a simultaneous worldwide release has been staggering: Teams of two translators worked up to months to get it fully localized for North America and Europe. Game director Hiroshi Takai pointed out how the team had to get around using the Unreal Engine 3, but that they "didn't have any problems with it." In fact, Takai added that the team is now very much accustomed to working with UE3. "We've seen the next Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine 4), and we cannot wait to get our hands on it," said Takai. Epic, the development behind the Unreal Engine, has said it would not be ready for this generation of consoles, but the next one. "We really enjoy playing with the Unreal Engine," Takai said. And whether we'll be seeing more Last Remnant titles, Square Enix says it's taking one thing at a time. "We've just submitted the finalized version and haven't even thought about the next one," Nobuyuki Ueda told us. Really? I mean, really?


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wait... is this a 360 Exclusive??