Famitsu Apologizes For Last Remnant PS3 Date Flub

Upcoming Square Enix The Last Remnant is coming to the Xbox 360 on November 20th. After launching first on Microsoft's game console, it'll be released on the PS3 and for PCs — those dates are TBA. Well, they were. Seems that in a recent Famitsu PS3, the magazine announced the PS3 version as November 20th as well. Hey, that's the same day as the Xbox 360 release! A goof apparently, as Famitsu is running a correction, stating that the release date should read "TBA". Famitsu also adds: "To our readers and all concerned parties, we deeply apologize for any trouble this may have caused. We hope you accept our apology and correction." ムック・ファミ通PS3 Vol.XIII掲載 PS3版『ラスト レムナント』発売日の御詫びと訂正 [Famitsu via my game news flash]


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Tim Rogers

the bizarre, samurai-apologizing-to-the-daimyo nature of the semantics in magazine apologies is really jarring and weird.

a western magazine would just say: "we made a mistake. we said [this], and meant to say [this]. sorry."

like, the supermarket in ogikubo (where i live) has a vestibule with three automatic doors. the door in the middle is permanently sealed shut for some reason. they have a velvet rope chaining it off. the sign hanging on the rope says:

(literal translation)

"it is with the utmost grave fear that we humbly apologize for this door being not usable. there is no excuse for our requiring that you use one of the other doors, located to the left or to the right of this door. we apologize once again for the inconvenience and thank you sincerely for your cooperation with regard to this matter."

too many fuckin' words, people!

this isn't culture shock, it's common sense.